Every student is unique, and deserves the chance to achieve success in the classroom and beyond.

Learning challenges and disabilities are tricky to navigate for parents, for teachers and most of all, for students. We’re here to help.

As educational therapists, we advocate for the well-being of students with learning challenges like ADHD, Dyslexia and NLVD, and with trauma-related issues like divorce or illness. Our student-first approach helps students understand and navigate through their challenges, empowering them find success and ultimately to succeed on their own.

We work with middle- and high-school students, college students, and adults to help them read, write, study, remember, and learn better. Our students range in age from 12 to 60. We sometimes work with children as young as seven for complete remediation of reading or math skills, or when a crisis in school or home has become unmanageable.

Educational Therapy is the Gold Standard in remediation.

Our work includes:

  • Customized individual goals and strategies designed to help students achieve independently
  • Therapeutic tutoring for students who learn differently
  • Improving comprehension and performance
  • A focus on the skills that ensure students can do their best
Mother helping daughter with school work

For Parents…

Our goal is to move your student towards success with educational methods, techniques and strategic interventions designed specifically for your child. We help students cut a path through their challenges – one that builds confidence and leads to independence.

We’ll work with you and in conjunction with schools, physicians, psychologists and others to ensure 360-degree care for your child. We can also can help to interpret assessments, reports and recommendations that you may receive from the other specialists who work with your child. We know that this can be overwhelming and we are here to help.

Teacher with students raising hands

For School and Medical Professionals…

We are highly-trained, experienced and skilled partners who are bound by ethical standards. Our goal is to support and partner with you and parents to help learning-challenged students succeed in the classroom and beyond. We are here to help keep lines of communication open, so that all parties are on the same page.

We work privately with students, and we welcome referrals from schools and the medical community.

Ed Therapy 360 is led by Susan Micari, MS. Ed., BCET, a board-certified educational therapist, certified by the national Association of Education Therapists (AET). She is the only AET-certified therapist in central Virginia.

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