There is a definite distinction between tutoring and educational therapy that is important for parents to recognize. Educational Therapy is the Gold Standard in remediation and could be the differentiator that leads to your child’s success in the classroom and beyond.

Educational Therapists are reading and learning specialists. They deal with complex issues and are trained to recognize and help students find a successful path through issues like ADHD, Dyslexia, NVLD, executive function deficit or other disorders, including trauma.

Educational Therapy is the Gold Standard in remediation. Our work includes:

  • Customized individual goals and strategies designed to help students achieve independently
  • Therapeutic tutoring for students who learn differently
  • Improving students’ comprehension and performance
  • Focus on the skills that ensure students can do his or her best

It often takes more than tutoring to work with a child’s complex issues. Tutoring, while it may serve an important service, is not always conducted by teachers and tutors who are trained to work with kids suffering from complex issues.

Educational Therapy provides a different approach to learning and customizes interventions for the individual child. We help improve comprehension and performance and focus on skills that will ensure a student can do his or her best, rather than focus on a grade.

Find out how we can help you, or your child, be more successful in school, work and life.