“R doesn’t love the craft of writing and perhaps she never will. Over the course of this school year. I have seen her gain so much confidence in her various writing voices and I’m certain that the targeted practice she has gotten with you has played a large role. R’s reading comprehension and short-writing scores improved by leaps and bounds this year…This is a huge change in both attitude and result. I wanted to thank you once again for the role you have played.”

–Ed Therapy 360 parent

As board-certified educational therapists (BCET), our expertise is working with students who suffer from a variety of learning challenges and disabilities that inhibit scholastic success.

We are trained to work with students with ADHD, non-verbal learning disorders (NVLD), dyslexia, autism and trauma-related issues, including divorce or illness. We use specific techniques and research-based interventions designed to help them manage and complete assignments and interact in social situations.

We follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice established by AET, which calls for confidentiality. Information regarding a student is only shared with a student’s permission, or if a student may be at high risk or in harm’s way.

What you should know:

  • Our interventional models are unique to each student
  • We are experts at reading and interpreting IEPs and 504 plans and assist parents in the interpretation of school and physician assessments, reports and recommendations from various specialists
  • We can recognize and share indicators that may be evidence of learning challenges, like difficulty with homework, lack of progress, discouragement and withdrawal at school and in social settings
  • We can determine if a child has a challenge and needs further evaluation by a medical professional

Find out how we can help you, or your child, be more successful in school, work and life.